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Goodgame Big Farm -Because no one ever said you need arable land and an actual farm to be a farmer

Double-Edged Scythe

Inheriting something can be a mixed bag. On the one hand, to inherit something means that by default, someone who originally owned the thing you'll be inheriting no longer owns it, usually meaning that they've passed away: boo hoo. On the other limb, you've just inherited something that may actually be worth either money, or at least something that has sentimental value. So when Good Old Uncle George is no longer around (boo hoo), he leaves you his farm (woo hoo!), but wait a minute: it's in the shoddiest shape you've ever seen (boo hoo again). Thanks Uncle George, it seems like you can somehow even make the inheritance of a sizeable quantity of arable land a chore from the beyond; turns out inheritance isn't all it's cracked up to be. Still, it's probably best that you the player, should go ahead and try to make the best of this sorry situation. Got your resource management skills at hand? If not, perhaps you should dust them off, and perhaps consult your copy of "running a virtual agricultural business for dummies" book. Maybe you can make something of this inheritance after all.

Day-Night Cycle Be Damned

So how do you go about running a virtual farm that's in pretty bad shape? Well, you start by thanking the gaming gods (in this case, these gods are at Goodgame Studios) that the infrastructure is already there. Running the farm involves overseeing a variety of tasks you'd expect to see being carried out on the farm: harvesting crops, producing animal feed in dedicated buildings, and selling your livestock as well as produce such as eggs to others in order to turn a profit.

Perhaps in what is the biggest boon to your progress that you'll ever see anywhere in the gaming world ever, Goodgame Farm seems to be set in a world where the day-night cycle doesn't even exist because it's simply daylight all of the time. Nightime here is effectively a myth; a non-entity; it is honesty and decency on the Jeremy Kyle show: it doesn't exist/ There's not even a cycle to speak of since you're farming in perpetual daylight, which is a damned fine coincidence that gives you the advantage, considering that you're running an agricultural business that depends on light to function.

Simulation and Strategy As You've Seen It Before

As far as the gameplay goes, you'll be carrying out your famer's duties not on the micro level but the macro, since this is really more of a management game than an in-depth farming simulator. You won't be driving a tractor through fields manually and ploughing for hours; this is really more of a farm-management simulator than a farming simulator. But that's ok because this means you've got a fairly simple control system that's standard for this kind of game, allowing you to roll your mouse over the various structures on your farm to bring up production/construction about them and also control their next action.

Structure and momentum in the game is maintained by the quests that are set for you on a regular basis; run your mouse over these quests to bring up the details about these as well. Upgrading your structures also provides a feeling of progress, with each upgrade increasing the output of your structures and eventually the quality of what is produced. Think of it as Goodgame Empire, only a little less comprehensive and with an enclosed, self-sustaining economy instead. You won't be relying too heavily on outside help either since the goal is to create a self-sustaining farm.

Classic Goodgame

You can tell that this game is Goodgame through and through by the fairly attractive, cartoon-like artwork and graphics. The farming animations and the general aesthetics are quite colourful and detailed, but as is usual with Goodgame, these are hiding an ulterior motive, which is to tease you into purchasing the premium currency, which always allows you to get things done much more quickly and allows you to advance at a much faster rate than players not willing to cough up the scratch. Players looking for an experience that demands less real-life cash from them are better off looking at something like Farm Craft 2, or if you don't mind the freemium model and enjoy a quirkier jaunt, then Hay Day for mobile is an excellent alternative.