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Ginger's company, aptly called the Tomato Corporation, owns and works with a vast network of farms and food suppliers making quality, healthy food. Her trusty shovel hangs on the wall as a memento to her great work in past. During a trip back to her farm to visit to her grandparents, Ginger stumbles upon people making suspicious, and dangerous, experimental fruits and vegetables in her village. Dive into Farm Craft 2: Global Vegetable Crisis and save the world in this Time Management game.

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique minigames
  • Stop the Global Veggie Crisis!

A Further Look at Farm Craft 2: Ginger's back, and there's a global vegetable crisis to farm your way out of!

 It doesn't matter where the smartphone-owning demographic of the general public's fascination with farming-themed simulation games came from, the fact is that it is (inexplicably) here to stay. A quick shuffle through the results of a search for the word "farm" will come up with a casual gamer's paradise: Farm Heroes Saga, Farmville, Hay Day, and Farm Story are all titles that one can expect to encounter. But what if I'm not a casual gamer that feels comfortable whipping out my 5.1 inches of Samsung-screen glory on the bus to show the world that I like tinkering with sweet corn, fiddling with tomatoes, and bothering banana crops in my spare time? For the private farmer that doesn't like getting all agrarian in public, then you've got downloadable titles that sit firmly in the privacy of your PC's hard drive. One such game worth a strong mention here (seeing as this is a light review of said game) is Farmcraft 2. That's right, it's back, and the farming is more frenzied than ever before.

Frenzied Foray into Farming Mimicry

Your exploits in the original Farm Craft having earned you the title of CEO of the Tomato Corporation, you yet again assume the role of Ginger in Farm Craft 2 in order to lend a hand to your grandparents in running the farm. This is only where the action begins however: Farm Craft 2 then takes you on a story-driven journey that sees you working on many different farms through a very meagre-sounding 24 levels. Sure, 24 levels would be meagre for a short-level puzzle game, but this if Farm Craft 2, and your various farming responsibilities can be as time consuming as to take up to around an hour to fully complete, making this a game with much more longevity than the number 24 could possibly indicate.

You'll be planting crops, watering them, harvesting, and ploughing land, actions no different to other farming games such as Good Game Big Farm, but this is simply a symptom of being in the farming game genre. These similarities between fellow farming games are simply unavoidable, so Farm Craft 2 does its very best to distinguish itself from the herd of almost identical-looking sheep. Variety is created by having limits and options for building construction according to which level you're on. This means you're not just stuck on one small farm working with crops and buildings that are always the same: what you can achieve and the way in which you achieve it invariably changes with each level, and that's why this game is much more damned incredible than most others around it.

The game also sprinkles in a few more action-based levels where  (among other things) you have to scout out information by sneaking around competing farms, and you've got a game that's is thankfully far from the drab and dreary monotony of the depressingly popular Farm Heroes Saga as possible. Some may be a little taken aback by the blistering speed of these action-packed levels that intersect the regular gameplay, but I felt it was quite a welcome increase of pace in what wasn't exactly a quiet, relaxing day at the farm in the first place.

An Issue of Balance

It isn't all positive news on the Farm Craft 2 front however: the game has a few flaws that border on the unforgivable. Take the double-edged sword that is the ability to hire workers for example. You can hire fruit/vegetable pickers, managers, breeders of livestock, and assistants for gardening, which sounds like quite the beneficial option at first. Unfortunately, the way in which 'Big Fish Games' developers decided to execute this option really leaves a lot to be desired. These workers will often be a hindrance just by doing their duties, sometimes processing crops that you really need to sell, and other such farming faux-pas (that's the correct plural, believe me) such as these. Combine these mistakes with the sheer length that come levels can stretch to, and you've got somewhat of a problem on your hands.

Does Farm Craft 2's good outweigh the bad? Well, the graphics are quite distinctive, with colours not being too over-the-top and overtly sickly; the buildings and animations are very detailed as well, impressively so. The game's also not short on content by any means and the level-specific goals (such as overcoming a dry desert environment by building things like sprinklers and utilising other hardware to overcome the dry nature of your surroundings) fantastic as well. The problem with the workers working almost too efficiently is not a serious one, but it is compounded by the high price of certain buildings and the fairly boring sections of play that stretch over the hour mark. It's a great game to play, but you'll like fall prey to these flaws pretty quickly.

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Game available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 & Windows 8, Mac

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