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Great news: Anna is back again! This time she is even more enthusiastic, active and full of great ideas! Do you want to take up farming? Then don't miss your chance! Fruits and vegetables, animals and birds, bakeries and textile factories - it's all waiting for you in Farm Mania 2! Anna has gotten married to a strong and charming farmer Bob! Now you can help them to make all their dreams come true in this fun Time Management game!

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Gripping action
  • Build the farm of your dreams!

Farm Mania 2 - The manic farming panic is back, only with less panic and mania than you'd expect

Girl Meets Farm, Girl Runs Farm

What is it with girls and farms? It seems that you can't swipe a few pages in the app store or browse a gaming site online without bumping into a farm game that involves an unreasonably pretty girl managing a fairly hefty farm. I'm not saying that girls shouldn't be owning and running farms here: I'm just trying to point out the huge similarity between games like Farm Frenzy, GoodGame Big Farm, and most other farming titles available online and for mobile. However the female farm owner craze came about it irrelevant however; what matters is the resulting plethora of games, some good and some bad, that resulted from such a concept. Farm Mania 2 is a sequel to one of those such games, promising to deliver a very similar experience that's warmly familiar yet purports to be a few acres grander than its predecessor.

A Big ol' Dose of Familiar

It should be made clearer than a flawless diamond right now that Farm Mania 2 is a very similar game to its predecessor. Gameplay wise, you shouldn't be expecting anything different if you've played the game before (new players may not be as bothered by this similarity). The procedure is not only the same as the original Farm Mania, but almost indistinguishable from rival games such as My Farm Life and Farm Frenzy. You simply have to tend to the usual farming duties like planting crops and raising animals in order to contribute to the business. Progression is goal-oriented, with the game setting you tasks to be completed such as growing certain quantities of various crop types, or earning a certain quantity of money by growing crops of your choice.

The crops you get to handle in this game really aren't that surprising: carrots, strawberries, cucumbers, potatoes, and pretty much all of the stuff you'd expect from a farming game can be grown. You can even try your hand at growing fruit trees, managing livestock, or even netting yourself some fish. Because this game doesn't have a level progression system like Farm Craft 2 whereby each level is separated from the last, you get to revel in the continuity of retaining all of your plants and animals throughout the game, provided you haven't already flogged them for cold, hard cash.

From Field to Plate

As well as growing crops, tending to animals, and even protecting them from predators by raising different guard animals to fend off these attackers, you also get to make refined goods from your raw crops. You can mill the wheat in order to produce flour as well as making your family members carry out tasks like making coal or gathering quantities of wood. You'll be seeing some of your crops right through the production line, from grain to flour and from flour to bread and other baked goods at the hands of good ol' Granny Martha. Similarly, you'll also see some of you produce being turned into goods such as milk being processed to make cheese.

I wouldn't exactly call Farm Mania 2 a high-stakes game. By this, I mean that in stark contrast to what one would infer from the presence of the word "Mania" in the title, things aren't particularly manic. There are deadlines to meet of course, but the worst that can happen is that you mis-manage your time and end up having to re-grow a certain crop from scratch. It's a multitasker's dream for sure, but it's sort of like spinning unbreakable plates: they can fall to the ground, but they're never really going to break. All that will happen is that you will earn less money for a crop, or you will score fewer points.

Developers Realore attempt to spice up this low-stakes action with rounds involving hidden items and the escaped animals of your neighbours' farms that one must locate for a small reward; they aren't fooling anyone with their attempts however, since this essentially Farm Mania revisited. Not only is this game similar to its predecessor and titles on mobile platforms like Farm Heroes Saga, but the graphics are the same, the upgrades are close to identical, and content such as the crops and animals are all recycled from the original. All of this reeks to high heaven of a money-grabbing sequel that is simply attempting to milk this cash cow for all it's worth, which if there's any justice in the world, won't be very much at all.

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