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Farm Craft 2

Farm Craft 2

Apart from the banana scare of recent years that seems to have been forgotten about on an almost universal basis, the world hasn't seen many produce crises of late. That's no to say that none are happening, since Big Fish Games' Farmcraft 2 has you dealing with a vegetable crisis that's hitting the population on a global scale. Frenzied farming is the best way to describe this game, but with a story-driven framework that separates this game from much of the chaff that fills this genre. And yes, Farmcraft 2 is the wheat in this highly relevant metaphor.

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My Farm Life

My Farm Life

Oohh another farming-based management sim: "how original" you may be thinking. But don't write this one off before you've tried it. My Farm Life is Alawar Entertainment's  moderately-paced time management game that offers some expectedly cutesy graphics and the usual third-person mouse-controlled format but with a more hands-on approach to much of the actual farming that takes place.

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Farm Mania 2

Farm Mania 2 game

That's right, it's another farm management title, and this time it's a sequel to an original farm management title that made quite the impact in the farming management genre. Now Anna is back and has her eye on another run-down farm in need of rejuvenating. Plant crops, raise animals, and do pretty much what you did in Farm Mania, only with the (dishonest) guise of it being a sequel. But is this game too similar to the original for the developers at Realore to sleep comfortably at night?

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