Good Game Big Farm Game

Uncle George has left you his farm, but unfortunately it’s in pretty bad shape. Using business skills and the help of your neighbors, family and friends you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm again. Plant the right crops, harvest and process them, care for your animals and make sure that your workers are happy – this is how your farm will grow successfully.

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Good Game Big Farm - Create a farm, manage your crops and livestock, and turn a profit with this engrossing farming game

Ever Seen a Poor Farmer?

Some say that farmers have quite a tough lifestyle, but I don't buy it. Have you ever seen a poor-looking farmer? Don't be fooled by the muddy boots and the constant complaining about how tough the job is since that jacket he's wearing probably cost more than your entire outfit. That land rover he's got isn't exactly the cheapest thing to run either, see that gigantic house he's got with the horrendously inefficient Aga and thousands of square footage? Not something one can afford if you're earning as little money as farmers claim to be earning. We'll have no complaining in the virtual farm world however, since you're given the task of creating your very own farm which must be managed and nurtured to success.

Familiar Feel

Goodgame Big Farm sees you inherit a run-down farm from Uncle George, who was kind (or lazy) enough to entrust you with the responsibility of running things from that moment on. It is a sort of management/strategy combination title that has many typical features of Goodgame's approach, with everything from the aesthetics to the gameplay being highly familiar to anyone that has ever played any other game from this developer before such as Goodgame Galaxy or Goodgame Cafe.

The game revolves around creating a successful farm by entering a cycle that involves building resource-producing structures, harvesting the resources, selling your produce, and purchasing upgrades to current buildings as well as creating new ones to increase your output. You'll be able to plough fields and harvest various basic grains, eventually harvesting hummus and more premium products such as this. The game is played entirely with the mouse, which in true Goodgame fashion allows you to bring up the menus for your individual buildings. The menus allow you to check on your production as well as initiate upgrades and quicken production by spending premium currency. Though it may seem like quite the exciting adventure with multiple rewards at the start however, it's really just a cycle of producing A in order to sell it and buy B, which then allows you to afford more upgrades and buy more things and so on.

Some Structure, But Not Enough Reward

Goodgame Big Farm isn't entirely about farming for the sake of it however: there are quests to get on with as well. These quests, which are dished out at regular intervals during the game,  form part of the main structure of the game and involve meeting various production targets and building certain numbers of buildings of specific types. This is really just standard procedure for this kind of game however and doesn't represent anything like the level of innovation and depth involved in the highly popular Farming Simulator 2013. Sure, you've got a tiny semblance of storyline in there somewhere that involves a man coming in and giving you quests because he's a member of a produce company, but there's no true innovation or depth to speak of.

In a technical sense, the game isn't terrible by any means. The controls are quite smooth and for the most part are easy to grasp, since they really only involve using the mouse anyway. The menus are quite easy to navigate, though at times it can feel like they are oversimplified as if they were designed for people aged 10 and below. The graphics are of a similar ilk: wonderfully colourful with fairly detailed illustration and animation of the tasks that your farm workers/buildings are performing, but it's all a little too soft with a cutesy feel that may make some people throw up in their mouth (not a lot, just a little; enough to taste the meal that you ate three hours ago).

If you really want to go ahead and create your very own farm, then Goodgame Studios' Big Farm allows you to do so, but be aware that this game is merely a pleasant-looking and nice-sounding ruse that hides a money-grabbing enterprise. Premium currency definitely gets you ahead in the game, but bear in mind that when a game revolves around the production of something to facilitate the production of another something (and so on and so forth), then handing over your hard-earned cash for the privilege is a bit of a silly thing to do for what definitely isn't one of the best (though bizarrely is one of the most popular) farming games out there.